• President Obama Honors 2011 Kennedy Center Honors Recipients

    Sonny Rollins and Meryl Streep, Kennedy Center Honors 2011

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    Kennedy Center Honors, White House, December 2011

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    Sonny's Video Conference with 10 of his Fans

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    Road Shows, vol. 3, is Sonny's new recording.

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    Sonny Rollins Meets His Fans, A Google Hangout

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    Roy Haynes and Sonny Rollins first recorded together in 1949 with Bud Powell on "Bouncing with Bud." Sonny was 19. Roy was 24.

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    “I am always happy to be practicing. Period. I enjoy just playing my horn and going into the type of meditation that playing involves. It puts me mentally in a place that is always transcendent and above real life. I love playing just for myself. It’s a great experience.”

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    "One very important thing I learned from Monk was his complete dedication to music. That was his reason for being alive. Nothing else mattered except music, really."